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Watershed / Hoarse - Split EP
Watershed / Hoarse - Split EP


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Track Listing:
Hoarse: (Featuring members of The Fags)
• "Wallflower Child"
• "Tight Package"

• "Id Be a Liar"
• "Paint the Town Red"

This is the second release in the Idol Records split EP series. Detroit's Hoarse (members of The Fags) and Columbus, Ohio's Watershed each bring to the table a new previously unreleased song and then do a cover of one of the other band's songs.

Hoarse hails from a land where it's OK to break your snare skin every other song, where angst and aggression share a beverage, and where the occassional paean to a failed relationship doesn't mean you're a spineless AM troubadour - it means you're not afraid to be honest. Hoarse crunches when things need to be crunched and they let fly with hooks that are both haunting and inescapable.

Watershed, fueled by a healthy work ethic (playing over 200 shows and covering over 80,000 miles before landing an agent) with live performances heralded by critics as "energy-packed", "power-driven", "high-octane", "hook-laden" and a handful of other hyphenated words that don't come close to capturing a show's impact. But nowhere is this better defined than in their songs - skillfully crafted, vigorous rock with lyrics personal in scope, but timeless in range.