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The Southern Unknown
The Southern Unknown
Dove Hunter


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Track Listing:
1. What Turns Inside
2. Evil On The Highway
3. The Shore
4. The Sparrow Spooked The Crow
5. Cracked Door
6. Devil's Lake
7. Cyclone Stare
8. Well Wisher
9. Pitch Black Painter
The Southern Unknown. The critically acclaimed debut album from Dove-Hunter. Re-Mastered with new art work.

A "Dove Hunter," or "Southern Unknown," is a mythical, winged scorpion. Dove Hunter is a relatively new North Texas band. What the two have in common is a sense of the startlingly novel tempered by familiarity.

Bassist Chad DeAtley describes Dove Hunter's sound as "semi-dub-folk," a mix of reggae, funk, and folk-rock. About a year ago, when he and frontman Jayson Wortham (formerly of Denton's Mandarin) began to discuss working together, DeAtley said, "We were envisioning sounds like Led Zeppelin III and [Rolling Stones'] Sticky Fingers. But we also wanted to add a reggae vibe."
Enter: schoolteacher, former Gospel Swingers frontman, and Sub Oslo drummer Quincy Holloway. "He defines the song," DeAtley said. "He makes everything flow." With guitarist Josh Daugherty they started to rehearse. Wortham, offered a few sparse songs. "He told us to do what we wanted," DeAtley said. "And we just destroyed it." Wortham writes all of the lyrics but evades any attempt to pinpoint specific meanings in his words. "Songs happen so many ways," he said. "Something will come to me lyrically, and I'll write it down and have it forever. A lot of it is just ideas. I like for the interpretation to be left open."

The Southern Unknown was produced by Stuart Sikes (White Stripes, Cat Power, The Walkmen, Loretta Lynn)