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Clandestine Vol. I
Clandestine Vol. I
Jetta In The Ghost Tree


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Track Listing:
1. Clandestine
2. Nowhere
3. Carswell
4. Reaction
5. Desert Starlight Drive-In
6. Pontchartrain Eyes
7. The Belladonna Treatment
8. Larceny
9. Silhouette
10. Down & Out

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From the streets of Fort Worth, Texas, indie psych rock quintet Jetta In The Ghost Tree has emerged with an undeniable mission. Make good music.

Formed by Brandin Lea, former songwriter and frontman of Flickerstick, and two of his close friends Eric Webb (guitar, piano, vocals) and Frank Ocampo (bass) in mid 2013 and later acquiring the talent of Abi Abel (keys, vocals) and Joe Carpenter (drums, percussion), Jetta in the Ghost Tree has molded their sound into something hauntingly welcoming. Their atmospheric tones, dreary, poly-harmonic melodies and entertaining live shows earned them a quick nomination for Best New Artist for the 2014 Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards.

Clandestine Vol. I was recorded at producer Taylor Tatsch's (Orbans, Gollay) AudioStyles Studios in Colleyville, Texas. The band is already in the midst of completing their follow up album Clandestine Vol. II, which will be released later this year.

Brandin Lea-vocals, guitar
Eric Webb-guitar, piano, vocals
Frank Ocampo-bass
Abi Abel-keys, vocals
Joe Carpenter-Drums