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KURU (very limited 180 gram Orange vinyl w/ download card and 2 autographed posters)
KURU (very limited 180 gram Orange vinyl w/ download card and 2 autographed posters)
These Machines Are Winning


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Track Listing:
1. Kuru
2. Halloween Now (Dread Shore)(feat. James O'Barr)
3. Moon 1 (feat. True Widow)
4. Assasination By Design (feat. Dan Phillips)
5. Your Chemicals (feat. DND)
6. Construct (feat. Phil Karnats)
7. We Are Nowhere
8. The Industrial Complex
9. And Identify
10. Night Fucked (feat. Phil Karnats)
11. Collisions Into The Void
12. I Defect (feat. Kaputter)
13. John (feat Kaputter)
14. LBJ
15. The Tall Whites
16. Reagan

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These Machines Are Winning sophomore record ''KURU'' curated and produced by Dylan Silvers, is a combined effort of many musicians, comic book artists, and filmmakers. Conceptually the project is based off a well organized anarchist group that's featured throughout the 7 issue comic book series tentatively slated to come out sometime in 2015. Lyrically KURU, focuses on the chaos and unrest of this anarchist group.

KURU was recorded at multiple studios all over the USA, but primarily birthed during improvisations at Klearlight Studios in Dallas TX. The core of the album was made using solely vintage analog keyboards and drum machines. Classic keyboards such as the Memory Moog, Arp 2600 , EMS Syth and the 808. Joining TMAW in the studio throughout KURU was Guitarist Phil Karnats (Secret Machines,Tripping Daisy), Austin Jenkins (White Denim), Multi-instrumentalist Rick Nelson (Afghan Whigs, Twilight Singers), Kevin Howard (Bethan), Jay Jernigan (Kaputter), and Producer Dave Trumfio (The Pulsars, Built to Spill, Wilco) is also back to help some mixing and song writing on the LP. Additional mixing by Jimi Bowman.

KURU also features an unreleased True Widow track Moon 1, with Dan Phillips and Nicole Estill who additionally provide lead vocals and guitars on several other KURU tracks.

KURU's sound clashes through multiple layers of analog synthesizers with sludgy bass and guitars.
Each artist has left their own imprint that makes the album what it is. One of These Machines are Winning's biggest influences throughout the process was Director and Musician John Carpenter. Visually and musically, John's films have made a huge impact on Silvers psyche when composing and putting together this art collective.

From a visual standpoint, KURU stretches its theme and influence with cinematic videos that directly and indirectly relate to the source material that is present not only in the comic book, but also in the music. One feeds another in a form of cross pollination.

The cover art was done by James O'Barr (Creator of the CROW) who also co-wrote the song Halloween now (Dread Shore) with TMAW.

Dylan Silvers: vocals, drums, keys guitars
Hightower: bass
Ryan Hartsell: video director, visual arts
Dave Trumfio: studio member

Mixed by Dave Trumfio and Dylan Silvers
Produced by Dylan Silvers & Dave Trumfio

Hightower (Bass, Keyboards, Actor), Phil Karnats (Lead Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Keyboards, Engineering, Producer), Nicole Estill (Lead and Backing Vocals, Bass, Production), James O'Barr (Co-Writer, Cover Art, KURU logo), Jason Godi (Comic Writer, Assitant Visual Director, Camera Dept., Grip), Jason Garner (Drums), Ryan Hartsell (Visual Director/Cinematographer, Comic Writer, Design/Layout, Visual Producer, Conceptual), Kevin Howard (Keyboards, Piano, Production), Dan Phillips (Lead and Backing Vocals, Slide Guitar, Guitar, Production), Jay Jernigan (Keyboards, Drum Programing, Engineer, Co-Producer), Dave Trumfio (Lead and Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Drums, Engineering, Mixing, Producer), Dylan Silvers (Lead Vocals, Drums, Keyboards, Guitars, Producer, Conceptual, Comic Writer), John Carpenter (Quote), Aaron Minier (Interior Comic Art/Illustration), Jennica Lynnlee (actress), Jimi Bowman (Mixing, Mastering, Producer), Dave Christensen (Guitar, Keyboards), Austin Jenkins (Guitars), Taylor Rea (Lead and Backing Vocals), Erv Karwelis (Production), Rick Nelson (Bass Cello, Violin, Viola, Vibraphones), Mike Sanger (Web Design), Zola Mae (Voices), Atticus Sphere (Voices), Mark Pirro (Copperphone Microphones Courtesty of Placid Audio, Engineer), Kristin Hardin (Backing Vocals), Eric Mendina (Actor), Timothy ''Slim" Starks (Drums), Mikey Ratliff (Drums), Casey Diiorio (Vocoder, Keyboards, Engineering, Producer), Antoine Dode (Back Cover Art), Celso A. Estrada (Engineering, Production), Wes Solem (Backing Vocals), Jay Serra (Video Editing), DB (Actor), Dylan Rogers (Cinematographer/Camera Dept., Timelapse Operator), Clayton Stillwell (Print Illustration), Chris McGaha (Asstant Engineer), JOCK (Handwritten John Carpenter Quote), Big Thanks to all those who've supported us !!!