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Make Up Your Mind
Make Up Your Mind
Gaston Light


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Track Listing:
1. Make Up Your Mind

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All songs come from an inspired moment when the mind and the heart align and turn tuneful. This one is no different. Corcoran remembers vividly when "Make Up Your Mind" was born.
"I went for a walk one night in Long Beach, where I was living at the time, came back home and wrote it," he remembers. "The song is a small portrait of what it looks like to fail at being there for the person you love. The sentiment in the lyrics is a mixture of egotism and undeserving self-empathy with a hint of melodrama."
"Make Up Your Mind" is the last of Gaston Light's three-single series that began with "Dream Good" in 2014. Corcoran, the creative force behind Gaston Light, plans on spending the rest of 2015 recording a new full-length LP for a 2016 release. Corcoran has plenty to say about "Make Up Your Mind," naturally, but he also relishes a little bit of mystery.

"I wanted the music to feel ambiguous, a little dark and sort of cinematic," he says. "I think that the sound of this song is fairly indicative of where I am headed musically, if not so much lyrically."

Music is very subjective. No two people have the same thoughts. But "Make Up Your Mind" is a very visceral song, so here's one interpretation. It is a beautiful dirge, a haunting kaleidoscope of emotions that questions the push-and-pull of all intense relationships. When Corcoran sings, "Is it love that you seek, or truth you want to find?" there's no doubting the urgency of the lyrics. There is gauzy power in those words.

"Make Up Your Mind" was recorded in late 2014 in Venice, California at Baby Bird Studios. The song was produced by Nathan Blumenfield-James, who also helmed Gaston Light's auspicious 2011 debut album, Peel. Corcoran provides lead vocals and guitar, while David Green is on guitars and keyboards, David O' Jones on bass, and Justin Ivey (of The Fling) on drums. "Mind" was mixed by Dave Schiffman (of Vampire Weekend and HAIM fame) and mastered by Frank Rosato.