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Dying In The Streets
Dying In The Streets
Dead Flowers


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Track Listing:
1. Dying In The Streets

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Not quite a full year since releasing their sophomore album and Dead Flowers are again putting some new music out into the world, this time in the form of a single, "Dying in the Streets" (released on Idol Records).

A favorite at shows for a little while now, the song sets a slightly different pace than the majority of their tracks from their first two LP's. They've always had a subtle Americana sound fused in with their rock vibes, however, "Dying in the Streets" captures a level of ferocity unheard from Dead Flowers in the past, being a rock song on every level.

It strikes with a machine-gun pace, blazing guitar riffs mixing with some devastating percussion, accented by some robust bass lines, only relenting for a moment here and there throughout the quick track (it runs a little under three minutes). That to the point execution it takes works to its advantage as well, not carrying on too long by repeating a chorus one time to many or anything, even squeezing in a stellar instrumental section in the form of the outro.
Corey Howe's gritty, gravelly voice sounds better than ever, overpowering emotion and conviction heard in it as he belts out the lyrics in his unmistakable tone. "You got to live for the cause, if it's worth dying for. Whatcha gonna do when it all goes down? You gonna stand up and fight, or just lay down?! I'd rather die in the streets, for sure."

It's a rallying cry for the cause, any cause, just whatever you happen to believe in and stand for; and putting all feelings aside for the beloved older material from Dead Flowers, this is the quartet's strongest song to date.
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