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Red Like Heat


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Track Listing:
1. St. Murderer
2. A Lively Place
3. Naked And Weak
4. Slowdown
5. Happier Year
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Cityspeak is the second release from Dallas indie rock band Red Like Heat. Shortly after the release of their first full-length album, Rivals, bassist Matt Stewart left the band. After a lengthy band and sonic reconfiguration, Sean Dove, Benjamin Painter, and Tex Sirisawat--with most of Cityspeak already written--headed back to Valve Studios in Dallas to record again, this time with Casey Di Iorio as the EP's producer.

The sound of Cityspeak is a circumstantially imposed inversion of what the group set out to do in Rivals. The vocal on the EP ranges from quiet and controlled to shrill crackles. Much of the tonality that was present in the first recording has been replaced by a spatial disconnect between the rhythm of the bass and drums and the lurid, often shrieking guitar lines.