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Track Listing:
1. Nevermind the Sounds
2. All Hail the Label Scouts
3. Ruin This With Style
4. With Respect to Alcohol
5. Ordinary Days
6. This Vicious Crime
7. Cross You That Way
8. Ballad of Private Rifle Sound
9. Not Forever Now
10. Numbers One and Three
11. Lasted 'til Today
12. Hazlitt Takes to Shore
13. Line. Connection. Aim.
14. The Panacea Tonight
15. The Massacre Went Well
16. The Beautiful Ones
Centro-Matic began in the summer of 1995 as the one-man-band project of former Funland drummer, Will Johnson. After the breakup of Funland, Will released a string of 7" singles that were recorded on his 4-track in his living room, where he also recorded his first full-length CD. With the help of producer/engineer and drummer of the recently defunct Adam's Farm, Matt Pence, Will recorded Redo the Stacks - a 23 song CD - playing nearly every instrument on the record. Redo the Stacks garnered praise for its infectious pop songs coupled with intentional lo-fi production and indie-rock sensibility and was released in 1997 to rave reviews.

Shocked and embarrassed by all of the attention, Will decided to take it slow. Despite offers from bigger labels, Will wanted to continue developing at his own pace, put together a band and tour a bit. The official Centro-Matic lineup started to come together. Matt Pence became the drummer along with his old band mate from Adam's Farm, Mark Hedman, on bass. Long time friend and neighbor Scott Danborn came aboard on piano and fiddle to round out the new band.

On Navigational, Will and the band moved into Jay Farrar from Son Volt's Jajouka Stdio in Milstadt, IL and recorded a batch of songs that foinds the band picking up where Redo the Stacks left off. Centro-Matic has come up with an amazing batch of diverse songs - everything from bummed-out acoutic downers to full on power pop that would be all over the radio if radio wasn't so bad these days. The one constant is the powerful and poignant lyrics teamed with some of the most infectious pop melodies ever known to man.