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Old 97's  & Funland   - Stoned / Garage Sale
Old 97's & Funland - Stoned / Garage Sale


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Track Listing:
Old 97's:
"Garage Sale"

"Garage Sale"

Old 97's first single with best friends Funland (who went on to become members of Centro-Matic, The Toadies, and The New Year) was released as a limited edition 10" vinyl record in 1995 (Long out of print). Both bands decided to record one of their own songs and then do a cover version of the other band's song. After years of requests it has finally been reissued on CD.

Old 97's have gone on to achieve a worldwide audience and strong critical acclaim, featuring the razor sharp, love gone lyrics of Rhett Miller, mixing country, rock, pop, and twang with rich vocal harmonies and blazing guitars. Funland deliver their infectious blend of guitar driven power pop and write songs that get stuck in your head and hurt.

*Stoned / Garage Sale won the 1995 Dallas Observer Music Award for single of the year.
*Produced by noted producers, including Trent Bell of Chainsaw Kittens and Chuck Uchida of No Empathy.