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Falling Hard in the Key of E
Falling Hard in the Key of E


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Track Listing:
Another Try at Something New
It's OK to Say Goodbye
Trapped by Design
Rockets in the Stack
Goodnight, Sweet Dreams

Macavity was bred out of the Dallas suburbs and collectively meshed their ideas and aspirations into an amalgam of "post-hardcore-emo-modern-space-pop-rock." A lot of people need labels to define a sound, but Macavity thinks that "music is music" and the next new catch phrase does not clearly describe their sound. Over the past two years, Macavity has taken their sound to many new heights ranging from "balls to the walls" rock 'n roll to powerful infectious spaced out melodies. With a median age of 19 this is the youngest band to achieve success in the booming North Texas music scene having become favorite openers for the top drawing bands in the area including Flickerstick, Chomsky and the Deathray Davies. Macavity has built up a large fan base and now headlines most of the top venues. The records was produced by Casey Diiorio at Valve Studios in Dallas.