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The Day Of The Ray
The Day Of The Ray
Deathray Davies


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Track Listing:
1. Is This On?
2. I'm From the Future
3. Don't Point at the Stoners
4. Persuasive Is Your Name
5. She Can Play Me Like a Drum Machine
6. The Aztec God
7. Her First Party
8. The Medication's Gone
9. Spinecraker
10. Starting to Stop
11. Pulling Teeth
12. They Stuck Me In a Box In the Ground Pt. 4
13. It's Hard to Run Uphill On Stilts

The Deathray Davies have evolved from the one man show of founder, songwriter and multi instumentalist John Dufilho to a solid six member line up that has taken the rock world by storm in the past two years. The Deathray Davies have managed to woo the press, radio and the fans as well with their ultra-retro-fuzzed-out 60's garage pop. Some of the recent raves include:

"One of the great shows I saw... I heard about the Deathray Davies and I love 60's style garage rock... They were killer. I went to buy their record yesterday."
-- David Fricke - Senior Editor, Rolling Stone (On SXSW shows)

"A big, boisterous, ready steady go...all tambourine shakes and dueling druggy riffs."
-- Magnet

"Matching pop and pummel along with a swinging 60's factor."
-- The Hollywood Reporter

"Tilt-a-Whirl Nuggets infected rock'n roll with dizzying sing along hooks crammed into every corner"
-- Pop Culture Press