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The Static vs. The Strings Vol. 1
The Static vs. The Strings Vol. 1


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Track Listing:
Calling Up the Bastards
Who's Telling You Now?
The Execution of Some Sixty-Odd Drummers
Neighbors. Habits. Downtown.
Recaptured the Silent Way
Repellant Feed
Turning Your Decisions
Wrecking This Show
D. Boon - Free (a Ninth Grade Crime)
Say Something / 95 Frowns
Curb Your Turbulence (Rock Show is Coming)
Now That You Have Blown Away the Cards
You Might Need This Now /
Keep the Phoenix in Slow Motion
The 3rd album by Will Johnson and Centro-Matic. Recorded in various studios on a variety of formats with a variety of gear (some great, some not-so-great), this is a great peek at the multitude of songs penned by Will Johnson.