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Track Listing:
Into the Fad
Radio's Replaceable
Seconds Left
Bottle Rocket
Shade from the Noise
Last Impressions

[DARYL] (Data Analyzing Robotic Youth Lifeform) is named after the early 80's film about a robotic boy who learns to have feelings. Their sound has been compared to everything from The Cars to The Police to the Murder City Devils. As a band they have been playing together for 2.5 years and have toured extensively in the Midwest and once up the East Coast, including dates with the Old 97's, the Toadies, Paris, TX, Cursive and Milemarker. After their second show ever in Lawrence, KS they made a deal with a small label to put out a 5-song EP, now out of print, which was followed by a 2 song 7" EP on Quality Park Records out of Denton, TX. Finally, in the sumer of 2001, they released their first full-length "concept" record, The Technology, on Beatville Records out of Washington, DC. Their new self-titled release is their first on Idol Records.