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Uneven Surfaces
Uneven Surfaces


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Track Listing:
1. Uneven Surfaces
2. Jenny (alternate version)
3. Graffiti
4. Natalie W.
5. Rooms 31 & 30 (acoustic version)
6. Jenny (redio edit)

Uneven Surfaces is a specially priced EP which includes the title track first single and 4 other new songs. It also includes an alternate version of the single “Jenny” that drove their 2002 Idol Records debut CD [DARYL]into the top 50 on the CMJ Top 200 chart.

Produced by Stuart Sikes (White Stripes, Promise Ring, Modest Mouse & Jets To Brazil) and John Congleton (PAper ChAse, ). The songs are filled with emotionally charged lyrics and they drive and push forward at an appropriately lively pace capturing their audience with transparent hooks and retro keyboard swells. But don’t worry, this is not some bland new-wave revival, as the Dallas Observer’s Shannon Sutlief pointed out. “The Moogs and synths are just cogs in a fine tuned machine that pumps out rock that hooks like pop but hits like punk.”