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Track Listing:
1. Happy Accidents
2. Right Now I Could Be a Ghost
3. Make up
4. You Were Way To Young
5. Leak In the Media
6. Rooms 31 & 30
7. Natasha W.
8. Ohio
9. Just Because the Lake Was Frozen Over
10. Uneven Surfaces
11. Serious
12. John McClain
13. Hours Take Too Long
14. The Crash That Took Me (feat. Tim Kasher)

[DARYL]'s 4th release and 2nd concept album "Ohio" is based on Dylan Silvers' personal experiences from living there during his formative years. While writing the album for the past few years on the road and off, the band has come full circle with their sound. Now with a strong 6-piece band and additional horn player, Ohio is a departure sonically for the band. Trading in all their synthesizers for pipe organs, mellotron, and lots of other classical instrumentation for fans of swelling melodic feedback and lush reverb sounds from bands of the late 80's and early 90's such as the Pixies and Jesus and the Mary Chain topped off with borrowed instrumentation from Pet Sounds to experimental era Beatles makes for a well crafted pop record full to the rim with lush sounds and different instrumentation from song to song. Dylan Silvers vocals are more melodically subdued but still powerful to make the band always stand out on their own. The record was recorded, produced and mixed by Stuart Sikes (White Stripes, Modest Mouse, Loretta Lynn).

Ohio also has been graced by many great guest appearances such as Cursive vocalist Tim Kasher & guitar player from Old 97's Ken Bethea on "The Crash That Took Me". Also appearing are members of Centro-matic, pAper chAse, Polyphonic Spree, and others have added their magic to this record to make for a very diverse, ambitious and sonically timeless record.