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The Fifth of July
The Fifth of July

5th of July

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Track Listing:
1. Obvious
2. The Habit
3. 5th of July
4. Slowly Then Suddenly
5. Small Doses
6. Getting Ready
7. Laundromat
8. My Lucky Day
9. New Depression
10. Going Through the Motions
11. The Best is Yet To Come
Featuring the singles "Obvious & "5th of July"

Columbus, Ohio-based Watershed is back with their latest Idol release, The Fifth of July. The follow-up to 2002's The More It Hurts, The More It Works, this new 11-song platter is stacked start to finish with hook-laden, Marshall-driven gems. It's a collection styled after the rock records of the band's youth, albums like Give The People What They Want by The Kinks. Quirky, but universal, and always delivered with an immediacy, an urgency that says, "Just wait 'till you hear this!" 5th of July is the hangover, or better yet, it's knowing the hangover is inevitable and not giving a good goddamn. It's about (to quote a lyric the band respectfully borrows from The Velvet Underground) "feeling so good, feeling oh so fine, until tomorrow but that's just some other time."