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Black Tie Dynasty


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Track Listing:
1. Bells
2. Once Around
3. Debt
4. I Like U
5. Tender
6. Lakes
7. Ten Steps
8. Antarctica
9. Midnight Sun
10. Trick Photography
11. Devotion
Any self-respecting child of the uber-days of new wave, the early 1980s, with its look-into-the-mirror-darkly synth and high drama dance tendencies, will immediately recognize the pitched personas that these Dallas lads inhabit like a second skin. Although some mistaken reviewers continue to lump them in the generic bin of Depeche Mode and the Cure for reasons unknown to me, they are a much better fit in the vinyl echoes of Ultravox and the Church, among others. The drums are subtly syncopated, precise yet not too stiffly preserved sounding, the vocals ebb and flow with dynamic tropes that Morrissey would admit to liking a helluva lot more than copycats inflexions Smoking Popes, the guitar whirls and writhes in sinewy U2 bent and fragile landscapes, and the song "Tender" is destined to be a big step towards a devoted following of boys with a tad bit of eyeliner make-up and girls with a tongue ready for metro sexual myopic men. Like Iceland's endless days and nights, the chill is omnipresent, and the song titles' brevity and directness are akin to titles for black and white photography: "Midnight Sun", "Antarctica", even "Lakes". Each serves as a repository for both a wink at the past, when new romanticism and Goth and post-punk fishtailed into each other in pleasant dreams, and each also provides an amalgam of sounds that are both familiar and fleeting, as they should be. - Left Of The Dial Magazine.