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Mount Pelee
Mount Pelee
Trey Johnson

Mount Pelée - Trey Johnson

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Track Listing:
1. Old Reactions
2. Unfavorable Way
3. Bottle of Rum
4. A Fire, Train and a Memory
5. Flatter Yourself
6. Uneven Life
7. Lucky When Someone Loves You
8. Struggle to Find
9. Bragging Type
10. Mr. Natural
11. The Radio
After a decade of fronting the Dallas Based band Sorta, Trey Johnson releases Mount Pelee, a mix of piano ballads, love songs, and pop tunes. Arranged and produced by Don Cento (Shibboleth) and Stuart Sikes (White Stripes, Modest Mouse), Mount Pelee is clever, and at times despairing. Outstanding tracks include: Unfavorable Way, a 12/8 romp with a delightful horn arrangement; Bragging Type, a pop song with a nod to the Beatles; A Struggle to Find, a lilting waltz, and The Radio, a piano and vocal lament that holds it's cards close to the vest.

Johnson's work in SORTA included the release of four full-length recordings, multiple awards, and television/film placements including MTV and the ABC drama The Unit.

In the year following the tragic death of Sorta bandmate Carter Albrecht, and the release of the bands final eponymous album, Johnson began composing these songs primarily on the piano. Songs played to his children took shape and a new direction was discovered. Mount Pelee is a memorable collection of songs that signals limitless possibilities.

As Johnson prepares to perform this group of songs he's in good company: Don Cento and his Band of Merry Men, Shibboleth. Rich Martin, keys; James Driscoll, bass; Matt Kellum, Drum set.