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Chlorine Colored Eyes
Chlorine Colored Eyes
The Crash That Took Me

Chlorine Colored Eyes - The Crash That Took Me

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Track Listing:
1. Reconnect It With a Curve
2. The Longest Winter’s Gone
3. Through the Pattern and Out the Other Side
4. Patricia Lynn
5. Chlorine Colored Eyes
6. Separation In the Design
7. Empty Vacuum
8. Tragic Sense of Life
9. Wendy
10. Shapes From Clouds
11. The Making of a Wonderland

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The Crash That Took Me's sophomore record is a wonderland of sonic swirls, a roller coaster ride of emotional and psychedelic landscapes. On Chlorine Colored Eyes The Crash has captured beautiful dynamics ranging from a single mellotron to a full wall of sound and have picked up where the Beatles left off with the tape experimentation from their psychedelic stint in the late 60s, also reverting back to other experimental methods on tape machines such as (A.D.T.) automatic double tracking for all the vocals, varied speed, reverse and many other methods. The band also spent time recording at a paper machine factory to capture the repetition and sounds coming out of the factory.

The Crash have tapped into the tension and beauty of the late sixties lyrically and sonically, but still falling down the worm hole to evolve into something unique of their own.

The record was recorded produced and mixed by Casey Diiorio at "Vintage Heavy" Valve Studios, Dallas TX. Recorded analog to 2" tape mixed down to 1/2" and mastered by Sean Magee (Beatles Mono box set) at Abbey Road Studios in London,


Dylan Silvers-vocals, guitars, organ
Fatima Thomas-bass, vocals
Beau Wagener-guitars, cabasa, vocals
Eddie Thomas-drums, ocarina, vocals
Seth Bohlman-guitars, organ, vocals
Becky Howard- violin, vocals
Kevin Howard- mellotron 400, organs, celesta, vocals


John Dufiho (Apples In Stereo, The Deathray Davies, MOTORCADE, Corner Suns) vocals,organ
Kristen Harden (Polyphonic Spree) vocals
Mark Pirro (Polyphonic Spree) sounds & noises
Toby Pipes (Little Black Dress / Deep Blue Something) tape manipulation,organ
Nolan thies (Little Black Dress) tape manipulation,organ
Heather Test (Robert Gomez) french horn
Ger Griffin (Rollerskate Skinny, Super Electric) voice samples